Theatrical Biomechanics and Improvisation

Theatrical Biomechanics and Improvisation Workshop

Duration: 4-6 hours
Languages: Italian, French, English, Spanish, Russian, German
Location: Il Cantiere Theatre, Trastevere in Rome

Biomechanics is taught in main public theatre schools around the world because it allows the actor to learn the fundamentals of the actor's art starting from on-stage movement. The body does not lie. Any body position, poise or gesture is an expression of a emotional state.
Biomechanics trains to perceive these functions and to recreate them.
This psychophysical training has been handed down directly from the greatest director of the 1900s, Vsevolod Mejerchol'd, to current biomechanical masters of which Spadola was a pupil and assistant at the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Moscow as well as in Italy.

The workshop is structured as follows:

Physical Training - Coordination, breakdown in the three phases of preparation-action-reaction and movement fluidization, propulsion centers and physical characterization.

Physical knowledge and creativity - Just as one learned to walk or ride a bike, students, through simple exercises and physical games, can store knowledge that will never abandon them and from which they can draw a way of taking on every creative process.

Improvisation - Biomechanic exercises and the Michail Chekhov method (Stanislavski’s greatest actor and founder of many actor's studios in the world) stimulate the imagination to create (thanks to the body’s memory and knowledge) the most diverse characters and funny, improvised, dramatic situations in a short time.


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